5 Exercises You Should Be Doing to Increase Your Sexual Stamina

Sexual stamina is more important than you think. A lot of couples agree that sex is always an important component in a thriving relationship and men want to make sure that they are competent enough to lead their partners into the ‘big O’ (also known as orgasm).

However, men are notorious for finishing way too early and that is because there are a lot of factors that inhibit their ability to provide a deeply satisfying sexual experience.

Factors such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction may hamper a man’s ability to provide the best possible sexual experience to his partner.

Always remember that sexual confidence comes from sexual competence and you want to do things that will help make you last longer in bed.
To improve your sexual stamina, you should be doing the right exercises to ensure that some sex-specific muscles are always at work. Also remember that you should also take the best supplements for men to ensure that your body is given the nutrients it needs for maximum performance.

With all of that being said, here are the exercises that you should be focusing on to help increase your sexual stamina:

Tongue Push-ups

Your tongue is one of the most important parts of your body during sex. That is because it is used to lick your partner’s body and it is definitely the one at work during oral sex.

That being said, to strengthen your tongue, you should be doing what is known as a tongue push-up. To do this exercise, you want to push the underside of your tongue into the front of the roof of your mouth. You want to push-release-push-release (hence, the push-up) a couple of times every day to ensure that your tongue gets a good workout.

Forearm Exercises

Your forearms are actually more important than you think. Sure, your biceps would look really nice when you are wearing a tank-top, but your forearms actually help you stimulate your partner’s G-spot.

Now, the best way to strengthen your forearms will be to use free weights such as dumbbells and doing what is known as the forearm curl. You basically hold a pair of dumbbells forward using overhand grips and then curling them upward and downward again to count as one rep. Do as many reps as possible until you feel the burn.

Ab Exercises

Your abs are more functional than just a showpiece. It is actually responsible for allowing you to do any sex position that you want.
The good thing is that there are a lot of ab exercises that you can do. Some of the best ones include deadlifts, planks, inverted curls, figure 8s, mountain climbers, squats, and so much more.


Kegel exercises help strengthen your PC muscles or the particular set of muscles that can help your ejaculatory impulses.
To do this, you have to locate your PC muscles and then squeezing (and holding) it by clenching the said muscles over and over again, multiple times a day.


Although not an exercise at all, it is important that you get adequate amounts of rest. Exercising can take a huge toll on your energy levels and if you do not get adequate amounts of sleep, your testosterone, as well as your energy will dip considerably.