Compelling Reasons Why Web Hosting is Important for Your Website

For people to understand the importance of web hosting, I must first discuss what it actually is. The process of web hosting is just about having your website’s files ‘hosted’ on a web host’s server. The said process is needed so that your website, along with its contents, can be accessed by anyone online.

That being said, there are three common hosting plans that people can sign up for. Shared hosting is the most inexpensive and, in most cases, should be enough for the average user.

VPS hosting is somewhat similar to shared hosting in the sense that the user still shares the same server resources as others, but the main difference is that they are given their own set of resources via a virtual private server.

Dedicated hosting is mostly reserved for businesses because the user will be given their own server to operate as they please.

Why Web Hosting is Important?

Web hosting is important because, without it, your website will not be accessible online. If you are planning to put up an online store, you will need web hosting to ensure that people from all over the world are able to buy what you are offering.

There are also other compelling reasons as to why web hosting is important. They are:


As a website owner, you know what the value of search engine optimization does to your website, right? Well, according to Google, people actually do not like waiting for websites to load. If it doesn’t load within 3 seconds, you can expect people to hit the ‘Back’ button and never return.

In addition, slow loading websites would also translate to higher bounce rates in that people will actually wait until the website load but if the homepage loads for 10 seconds and another page loads for another 10 seconds, then they will ‘bounce off’ your website as well.

Speed is of the essence a good web hosting company will be able to provide you with servers that have amazing speeds.


Another important factor to consider if you want to have the best possible SEO performance, online security is pretty much a major concern for all websites.

As cyber threats have become quite common, it is imperative for website owners (and web hosts) to ensure that their mediums are impenetrable. A website with poor online security is doomed to have lower page ranks.

A web host that prides itself on amazing online security would implement the latest firewall and security patches to ensure that there aren’t any vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.


Old hosting companies would only rely on their data centers to provide hosting services. This is alright, assuming that the user, as well as the person accessing the user’s website, are in the same country.

The location matters when it comes to speed so it is imperative for a web host to delve into cloud hosting to ensure that the internet speed remains consistent no matter where the user is located.