How to Encourage Your Baby to Walk: 6 Effective Ways

Get her squeaky shoes.

There are lots of squeaky baby shoes in Malaysia you can buy for your little one. Of course, one of the best ways to encourage your child to walk is to make walking fun. Since babies are always curious, they would try to figure out that each step produces a noise that come from their feet. For them, that can be an amazing discovery. 

Play tug-of-war.

You can get all the baby toys in the world, but nothing would beat simple tug of war game. Lead your baby around your home by holding onto a rope. You can also let her tug while you sit in one place. This is an exciting way to get her on her feet. 

Offer rewards.

Holding a treat or any interesting object is a great way to get good results. Babies love their parents, so anything from them is enough to encourage her to run into your arms. This is an amazing baby milestone you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Hold her hands.

This is a common trick that you can use to help your child practice putting weight on the feet. Try walking behind while holding her hands. Just make sure to give enough support, but don’t strain her shoulders and elbows too much.

Take dance classes.

This is also the perfect time for your little one to get appropriate baby exercises. You can also get yourself a new fitness routine. Through this healthy exercise session, you can encourage your baby to groove, shake or wiggle. Walking is all about movement and balance. Allow your child to explore every little thing her body can do. 

Swim with your baby.

If you have access to a swimming pool, encourage your baby to swim. That way, she can use her legs in new ways, and help condition and strengthen her muscles. Teach her to kick her legs. Resistance from the water is a great exercise, and at the same time not too strenuous.