Important Things You Need to Know in Laundry App Development


There is an app for pretty much everything. Back in the day, you have to clean your own stuff- your clothes, your room, and even your house. It can be quite cumbersome, especially if you really do not have a lot of time to clean. That is no longer a problem these days because there are apps that can help you hire someone to do all of the cleanings for you. If you want your house to be cleaned, there is the Handy app for you. This it app developer acts like an Uber for cleaning services. If you want something to eat, you do not have to experience the hassle of going to and from a restaurant as UberEATS will deliver the food to you. Or how about your laundry? Well, there is also an app for that! The Laundrapp is a nice application that lets you choose a number of options and one of their staff is going to pick up your clothes. After washing and ironing them, it will all be delivered back to you in pristine condition! Laundrapp has actually been one of the most successful laundry apps on the market. It had its humble beginnings. One of its founders got a brilliant idea of creating an application where people do not need to worry about cleaning their own clothes as they can do that for them- all with convenient options that cater to the different needs of their clients. They got their financing with the help of some angel investors, and they took off and never looked back. They are now currently enjoying a lot of success. An app that started in London is now going places such as Australia and some parts of Europe. That being said, how do you create a laundry app that is going to be successful? Here are some strategies that you can employ:

1. Core Features

The heart of every mobile application is its core features. Let’s dissect what the Laundrapp has that made it quite popular. They have four main options and each of them is for different functions. The three options: Client, Staff, and the Laundry panel are used by different people other than the admin. In the Client app, this is where the customer will input their data from their full name to the payment  options. The Staff interface is used by the Laundrapp staff to guide them to the location of the client. And the Laundry panel is where the customers are able to specify how many clothes they want to be cleaned and ironed and they will be given some information about their total bill as well. The admin panel is reserved for administrative level rights. This panel includes the backend programming as well as options that can improve the application.

2. Additional Stuff

You want your app to be transparent, especially when it comes to payment. If the customer wants 10 clothes to be washed and ironed, you have to give them a quote filled with the information that they need like how much they’re going to pay, the breakdown of all the things that require payment, and so on.


There is pretty much an app for everything these days, including one that will handle all of our laundries. If you want to make a similar app, it is best that you follow in the footsteps of those who are already successful so you can experience the same.